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A word from the President


|   Dr. Shlomo Cohen, Adv., former President, Israel Bar Association

The Israel Bar Association was established in 1961 as an Autonomous Statutory Entity. The Bar was created in order to incorporate the lawyers in Israel and to assure the standard and integrity of the legal profession.


Since its foundation, the Israel Bar has evolved and developed into one of the most notable public institutions in Israel and is perceived as a leading advocate of issues such as the preservation of the Rule of Law, Human Rights, Pro Bono Legal Aid, Diversity issues, Legislative Initiatives and more.


The Israel Bar is a unique legal-hybrid. On the one hand it is a statutory professional trade union, entrusted with the lawyers' economic and professional wellbeing. And, on the other hand, unlike other trade unions, the Bar is also the licensing body for lawyers, and is entrusted with a public mission.


The Israel Bar certifies lawyers to practice law in Israel and maintains a strong internal disciplinary system (Ethics Committee).


One of the main commitments of The Israel Bar is to the professional-social status of lawyers in Israel.


These tasks often complement each other, but not always. It is not uncommon to find that a fine balance must be struck between the two conflicting aspirations that call for difficult decisions.


Defending the Rule of Law by ensuring full and true accessibility of the public to governmental and legal institutions, by promoting equality and diversity in Israeli society and by improving our legal system, is our social obligation. It also strengthens our ability to care for our legitimate professional interests.


Jurisprudence is above all an instrument for upholding values. Law without values is like a body without a soul. The basic values of Israeli jurisprudence are inspired, among others, by the Jewish tradition and culture of the value of life and respect for your neighbor.


We are proud of the fact that Israel as a young nation struggling under extreme conditions has, and continues to be, one of the few countries in the Middle East that upholds and promotes the Rule of Law.


The international activity of the Israel Bar is continuously growing. We have signed bilateral friendship agreements with various national Bar Associations and promote cooperation, joint conferences and more.


The Annual Meeting of the Israel Bar in Eilat on the Red Sea, held this year from May 27th - 31st , offers a wonderful opportunity for international guests from all over the world to network and to meet with senior lawyers, jurists and politicians.


The professional program at the Annual Meeting is simultaneously translated to English and is coupled with a rich social program all enveloped in one of Israel's most beautiful resort cities.


We invite legal professionals and organizations to contact our international department via the details below.


Thank you for visiting our site and "Shalom" from Israel.


Dr. Shlomo Cohen, Adv.

President, Israel Bar Association



Intl. Dept. The Israel Bar Association

10 Daniel Frish Street

Tel-Aviv 64731


Fax: 972 - 3 - 6918696

Tel: 972 - 3 - 6918691



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