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General information about the Isarel Bar Assosiation

27.10.2019 | Contact Us
Important telephone numbers and addresses of various institutions of the Israel Bar Association.
31.08.2015 | General Information
The Israel Bar Association was established in 1961 as an autonomous statutory entity in order to incorporate the lawyers in Israel and to assure the standard and integrity of the legal profession.
Including Reasons for setting Complaints aside, Complaint Submittal Form.
Selected legislation relrvant to foreign lawyers practicing law in Israel.
Michal Waltner, Adv., Foreign Relations Coordinator Subject to the installment of needed regulation, the permitted practice of foreign lawyers in Israel will be limited to providing legal opinion and counseling regarding the foreign laws which apply in the foreign country in which the lawyer is certified, and the drafting of legal documents which the foreign law (non Israeli) apply to them.
Dikla Elkabets, Adv., Foreign Relations Coordinator A seminar and open discussion - Monday, November 1st, 2010.
The Program enables the implementation of Section 3(2) of the Israel Bar Association Law, which stipulates that "The Bar Association is entitled, inter alia, to provide legal aid to those of limited means". Indeed, the objective of the program is to increase accessibility to the legal system, and to protect the rights of those who lack the means to hire professional legal services.
Ms. Dikla Elkabets, Adv. The Program includes: Part I – Services for American Citizens - Overview of the services offered to Citizens of the United States; Part II – Judicial Assistance - ACS services to Israel Bar Members in connection with notarial, services & Depositions
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