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The Foreign Affairs department of the Israel Bar Association maintains relations with the Israeli and international legal communities. Our international activity includes conferences, delegations, and events in collaboration with Bar Associations, Legal Offices, and Legal Organizations worldwide.


On this page, you can find information about our international activity delegations, events, conferences, and more! 


For more information, please contact us:    

Erika Solomon Vasser, Adv., Manager of Foreign Affairs, CEO of the Tel Aviv District


Shelly Shapiro, Assistant to the Manager of Foreign Affairs

Address: 10 Daniel Frish St., Tel Aviv 64731, Israel

Tel.: (+972) 53-3353317

Fax: (+972) 1533-6905585





Adv. Bosmat Miodovnik, International Relations Coordinator The Israel Bar Association had the pleasure to host in its 15th Annual Conference many delegates from various countries. Our international guests enjoyed intriguing panels, which dealt with professional issues as well as some topics which are on the global public agenda.
Adv. Bosmat Miodovnik, foreign lawyers coordinator If you would like to present a case in which human rights have come under attack- just sign up for the competition!
Michal Waltner, Adv., Foreign Relations Coordinator Today democracies face violent threats that were unimagined when the foundations of our domestic and international security laws were established. Phenomena from asymmetric conflicts with terrorists to proliferating unmanned weapons systems not only create new tensions between self-defense and liberty but pose more fundamental questions: Are current legal concepts still capable of providing adequate strategic and moral guidance? If not, what kind of legal and ethical regime can meet this challenge? These larger questions are the subject of the July 31-August 10 Tikvah-Hertog Summer Institute on Law and National Security.
The Israel Bar Association is delighted to invite you to the 12th Annual Conference and the 3rd Mutual Conference with the International Section of the American Bar Association, that shall be held on may 20-24, 2012, in Eilat.
The UIA is proud to present its Tel Aviv seminar on Joint Ventures vs Licensing. This seminar is organised with the support of the Israel Bar Association.
Dikla Elkabets, Adv., Foreign Relations Coordinator Legal tools for funding and structuring export driven technology companies. A Joint Conference of the International Bar Association & Israel Bar Association
Dikla Elkabets, Adv., Foreign Relations Coordinator A seminar and open discussion - Monday, November 1st, 2010.
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