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Advocate Daniel Aspiro, Advocate Amit Acco and Amos Arbel* The right to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return is restricted by the Ministry of the Interior to prevent entry to immigrants who pose a risk to public health, state security, or possess past criminal records. The Population Authority has a procedure for handling these cases. In most cases, a criminal past does not amount to a deprivation of a substantive right like the right under the Law of Return, and rejection can be handled professionally against this background.
Larry Butchins A newly published booklet provides solicitors with a practical approach to ensure British legal decisions are accepted in Israel.
Stuart H. Newberger* The State of Israel has negotiated and entered into Bilateral Investment Agreements binding international treaties with a number of countries in which Israelis conduct business. Those treaties, or BITs, provide Israeli investors substantial protection and can greatly reduce the legal, political and financial risks to those precious investments.
Dan Zaum, Adv.
David Ben Asher, Adv Will the Philippines finally pass a law to legalize divorce?
28.02.2011 | Limited Immunity
Elad Man, Adv & Zvika Barak, Adv Many are the statutes that occupy our legal code, not all of them familiar in spite of their great importance and it seems that every now and then there is one piece of legislation still missing from the knowledge and awareness of those who need it the most.
Roi Bak, Adv The Act on Computer-Related Offences 2007 (the Computer Act or the Act) is undoubtedly a unique piece of legislation, which is introduced for the first time in the Thai legal system
Linda Lee, President, The Law Society of England & Wales Last summer, the Knesset approved new legislation that would open up the Israeli legal services market to foreign law firms. We at the Law Society of England and Wales were delighted by this announcement, having spent many years discussing this issue with our colleagues at the Israel Bar Association and making representations on behalf of many of our members wishing to practise in Israel.
Dan Zaum, Adv Export transactions generally involve international sales contracts, whose clarity of terms is crucial to avoiding disputes between parties.
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