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General information about the Isarel Bar Assosiation

The Program enables the implementation of Section 3(2) of the Israel Bar Association Law, which stipulates that "The Bar Association is entitled, inter alia, to provide legal aid to those of limited means". Indeed, the objective of the program is to increase accessibility to the legal system, and to protect the rights of those who lack the means to hire professional legal services.
The complete legislation governing the Israel Bar Association activities (november 2008 update).
The Bar Association Law and The Bar Association Rules (Professional Ethics).
Dr. Shlomo Cohen, Adv., former President, Israel Bar Association
Adv. Geiron was elected on July 10 2007 and will serve as President for the next four years (until July 2011).
Nurit Rosen The Bar is active in all spheres of the profession and interacts with the following entities:The Courts; The Knesset; The Public Legal Interns; The Bar’s Members..
23.11.2002 | General Information
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