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Striving Toward Equal Opportunities At Work For An Attorney On The Basis Of Gender And Parenthood


|   The Israel Bars Female Lawyers Advancement Committee

Call for law firms to join the Declaration of Intentions.

Call for law firms to join the

Declaration of Intentions

Striving Toward Equal Opportunities at Work for an Attorney on the Basis of Gender and Parenthood


The purpose of the Declaration of Intentions is to promote law firms family-friendly workplaces while achieving an appropriate balance between work and family. The Israel Bar Association recommends that employers from the legal profession will join the initiative.

The Israel Bar's Female Lawyers Advancement Committee, headed by Adv. Neomi Landau, operates, among other things, for upgrading of lawyers' status, improvement of their working conditions, prevention of discrimination, consideration of additional responsibilities they carry as part of the family and more. The Declaration of Intentions is the product of intensive work of the committee, which examined closely the hardships and difficulties faced by many lawyers, who want to exercise their right of parenting, of any personal life and family life in particular, doing so next to the demanding legal practice.

The Declaration of Intentions aims to build a proper conduct and standards of employers regarding lawyers' employment, and preventing discrimination against, in particular - to prevent discrimination based on gender and parenting in terms of field work.

Note that the level to which the Declaration referred to is beyond the duties of an employer by operation of law. There are norms, which were although not legally set, are worth adopting them. For example, providing flexibility employment for lawyers who are parents, including the granting of options to work part-time job, preventing discrimination while applying for a job, work from home and so on.

We call you to join this important initiative and to help promote the Declaration. We believe that employers that offer their employees a more appropriate environment, enabling them to devote quality time to their personal lives and families, increase the satisfaction of their employees, which will increase, as a result, the labor productivity.


Lawyers who are also employers, who want to declare their intention to implement the provisions of the Declaration of Intentions, are invited to send us the signed text of the statement to:

Israel Bar Association, 10 Daniel Frish St., Tel Aviv 64 731, or fax: 972-3-6918696 or email:


Declaration of Intentions

Striving Toward Equal Opportunities At Work For An Attorney

On The Basis Of Gender And Parenthood



Recognizing the value of equality as a fundamental right in our legal system and with the desire to promote this value and prevent discrimination, and in particular - gender and parenthood based discrimination insofar as the work field is concerned, at the same time as generating a benefit from a variety of qualities associated with hiring employees from a background of different genders;


Recognizing the parenthood right, family values, its importance and centrality in the employees life, and paying attention to his/her needs to devote quality time to the family - in particular and to manage a personal life - in general and to prevent discrimination against such as a result of exercising these values;


Recognizing the need to determine employees appreciation patterns based on principles of quality and efficiency at work;


And believing that striving toward equal opportunities at work on a gender and parenthood basis will offer an appropriate work environment, will increase satisfaction, understanding, respect and mutual trust between the employee and his/her employer, and as a derivate thereof work productivity will improve;


Therefore, we hereby declare our intentions:



To encourage equal opportunities at work on the basis of parenthood insofar as being accepted to work, salary and other remuneration in connection with work, the nature of the role, employment terms, promotion and being accepted as a partner, and in reliance upon the employees qualifications and his/her contribution to the work place is concerned.



To strike an appropriate balance between work hours and hours of leisure for the purpose of exercising the right to parenthood, to quality time with the family and having a personal life alongside managing a career, without the employees rights at the work place being discriminated against as a result of exercising these values. This will be done by way of offering occupational flexibility opportunities, including: working part-time, working from home, a shorter work day once a week (out of the work week), considering, insofar as possible, determining the fact that meetings will end by 17:00 while examining the possibility of remotely holding the meeting via video conference and such like.



To institute policies of employee appreciation and to determine criteria to be based primarily on the employees quality, performance, achievements, based on the hours spent in the office and while striving toward equal opportunities at work on the basis of parenthood.


We respectfully attach our signatures:

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equal_ opportunities_genderwise_decleration_of_intents_march_2010_english.pdf
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